Why The Eyes And Ears Of American Media Must Become Diversified

by Madeline White Before 1900, news was conveyed in a simple and relatively limited manner. Today, however, there are thousands of different outlets for conveying information and telling stories to people. Back then, journalism was more of an art form, because people were less desensitized. Attention spans were longer and the written word was examinedContinue reading “Why The Eyes And Ears Of American Media Must Become Diversified”

‘White Sea’ Drops Jaws At Bootleg Residency

by Madeline White The ears of passersby on Beverly Boulevard likely perked up with confusion when walking by the Bootleg Theater Wednesday Night, as eruptions of collective screams and roars intermittently filled the sound waves. Why was the crowd screaming? Probably because Morgan Kibby of “White Sea” just powered through a high note—and I mean,Continue reading “‘White Sea’ Drops Jaws At Bootleg Residency”

San Diegan Breaks The Mold At NBC 7

by Madeline White NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia is an anchor unlike many others. She isn’t thirsty to be hired into a big city market. She isn’t desperate to be promoted to the next NBC Nightly News anchor. She goes to her job everyday in sunny San Diego with a smile on her face, because for her,Continue reading “San Diegan Breaks The Mold At NBC 7”

Brewery Artwalk Gets L.A.’s Creative Juices Flowing

Most people come to the Brewery Artwalk expecting to shop for items that could upgrade their walls. What many people do not expect is that their wardrobe can get an update as well. The free-to-attend event featured designs both visual and wearable with scenes of handloom panchos beside avant-garde paintings and sculptures. A dazzling culturalContinue reading “Brewery Artwalk Gets L.A.’s Creative Juices Flowing”

Celebrity Scouting At The Historic Beverly Hills Hotel

by Madeline White A bubbling mimosa balanced carefully as it passed by me on a server’s tray. The smell of rich mahogany, my steaming coffee, and possibly 100-year-old carpet wafted in the air around me. My eyes panned the room as I surveyed the restaurant guests. “The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel isContinue reading “Celebrity Scouting At The Historic Beverly Hills Hotel”

Adams Moves Upward And Onward With Self-Titled Album

Ryan Adams’s Ryan Adams An album review by Maddie White Adams has a tendency to emphasize a power chord at the end of a verse, so powerful, rich, and soulful, that just that chord alone can make you feel the entire message of the song. This musical technique can be over-executed by many artists, causing itContinue reading “Adams Moves Upward And Onward With Self-Titled Album”

‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ Feels As Scattered And Impulsive As Banks Herself

An Album Review by Maddie White Harlem, New York: a place where low-riding vintage Cadillacs bump 90s hip hop, meringue salsa comes radiating from a fire-escape-clad apartment window, and persistently pulsating house music permeates the headphones of a passerby—all at the same time. This dynamic melting pot of music is unique to New York CityContinue reading “‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ Feels As Scattered And Impulsive As Banks Herself”

Brody Jenner and Girlfriend Spark Engagement Rumors With Romantic Bali Trip

  by Madeline White Reality television star Brody Jenner took to Instagram several times this week while on vacation in Bali with closer-than-ever girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. Aside from several stunning shots of lush green landscapes and wildlife, most of which he snapped on a Canon 5D camera, the former star of MTV’s “The Hills” postedContinue reading “Brody Jenner and Girlfriend Spark Engagement Rumors With Romantic Bali Trip”

Maddie: The Multimedia News Reporter

Maddie is currently pursuing a Masters degree in the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. Expected graduation is May 2016. Maddie is also a lead news anchor on Annenberg TV News. She appears courtesy of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Watch her latest episode here: ATVN Newscast:Continue reading “Maddie: The Multimedia News Reporter”