Maddie White

Welcome! Maddie White is an Emmy® award-winning anchor and multimedia journalist for FOX5 Las Vegas,
and a proud USC Annenberg alum.



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In Maddie’s current role, she has uncovered injustices in public government, provided solutions for viewers undergoing hardships and told stories that inspire.

She recently MMJ’d a series about licensed teachers being mysteriously rejected during a labor shortage (link to first story / follow-up story). In the wake of the story, the HR department of the nation’s fifth-largest district called up people featured in the story and reopened their applications for employment. They also cold-called other applicants to ensure their files were being handled correctly.

Maddie won an Emmy from the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Television Academy in June of 2022.

The story for which Maddie won an Emmy (link) is an example of her ability to take a timely news hook and find a unique enterprise angle. The Surfside condo collapse had just happened in Florida, as well as the anniversary of the Route 91 Festival’s mass shooting. She introduced viewers to a 21-year-old Vegas local and CEO of a start up. He had just returned to Vegas from Surfside, Florida, after helping first responders sort through the rubble, saving lives with an advanced type of drone he invented in the wake of “One October,” which was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. As a teen, he had witnessed this tragedy, and called up the local SWAT team with his idea for saving lives. Years later, his first contract was with Las Vegas Metro, and since then, he has sold his patented drone to first responder agencies all over the world.

This was a technology story— but really, at its core— it was about the human spirit. Maddie recognized that.

In her previous role as an anchor/reporter at KIVI in Boise, Idaho, Maddie helped launch Scripps’ journalistic enterprise campaign called The Rebound, where she helped viewers weather the storm of the pandemic (here’s one humbling testimonial from a viewer– and another).

The impacts of Maddie’s reporting are abundantly clear in the communities she has served as a journalist.

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Maddie excels at telling stories that center around real, every day people with important realities to share.

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Her several years of multi-platform storytelling fuel her belief in the power of video production. She honed her skills as a Multimedia Journalist at USC Annenberg Media, where she produced for several outlets, including everything from print to television to social media. It was here that she also served as a lead news anchor for ATVN, a weekly program broadcast in South Los Angeles.

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Maddie’s background in social media management combined with her aptitude for editing shareable short-form web videos makes her a unique and valuable asset in the newsroom. At Comexposium, she single-handedly produced, designed and edited all creative content for the brand, including a video she designed that played on Outfront Media’s premiere LED ad space in Times Square in New York City.

She is also an experienced stage and screen actress, singer, dancer and improv comedian. More on that below.

Way back when

Maddie was born and raised in Coronado, California — and is fifth-generation Coronadoan.

She was an anchor and reporter for her middle school news station, KCMS, and received the “Best News Anchor” award at San Diego County Office of Education’s annual iVIE awards.

She spent many of her formative years singing, dancing, and acting in various productions, especially in CoSA, her performing arts program in high school.

Hittin’ the books

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Having always thrived on stage and film, Maddie spent her undergraduate college years studying acting in Pace University’s prestigious BFA Acting program in lower Manhattan. She was also the recipient of a merit-based scholarship and completed a rigorous curriculum in Pace’s Pforzheimer Honors College. Shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she went back to her California roots (but this time, to LA), where she participated in various series, commercials, and films as an actress, earning her a coveted spot in the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA.

Motivated by an urge to pursue nonfiction storytelling, Maddie opted to attend the highly-regarded Master of Science in Journalism program at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Annenberg School.

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At Annenberg, Maddie excelled. As a member of the forward-thinking “Mobile and Emerging Platforms” team, she single-handedly drew thousands of eyeballs to Annenberg Media’s digital magazine by producing high-quality video packages and self-hosted news videos– several of which went viral on Facebook.

She was personally responsible for the no. 1 farthest-reaching published video of the term with a video that reached more than 400,000 Facebook feeds.

Overall, Maddie shot, wrote, edited, and produced 3 of the top 10 best-performing videos of the term.

Life and times, today

As an anchor/MMJ at KVVU/Fox 5 Vegas, a Gray Television station, Maddie leads the station’s investigative, hard news and enterprise efforts.

She also anchors the consistently #1-rated weekend morning newscast in Las Vegas.

Her future plans are to build on the impact of her journalism. Refer to the top of this page to contact her.

“Journalism is what we need to make democracy work.”

Walter Cronkite