About Madeline


Madeline White is a multimedia news producer, host, reporter, and alumna of USC Annenberg’s Masters in Journalism program.

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Her several years of multi-platform storytelling fuel her passion for multigenerational outreach, especially through visual channels like YouTube and Instagram. She honed her skills as a producer at USC Annenberg, where she produced for several outlets, including everything from print to television to social media. It was here that she also served as a leading news anchor for ATVN, a weekly program broadcast in South Los Angeles. Maddie earned her Master’s degree in Journalism from USC Annenberg in May of 2016.

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Maddie was born and raised in Coronado, California, and spent most of her formative years singing, dancing, and acting in various productions, especially in CoSA, her performing arts program in high school. Having always thrived on stage and film, Maddie spent her undergraduate college years studying acting in Pace University’s prestigious BFA Acting program in lower Manhattan. Shortly after receiving her degree, she went back to her California roots (but this time, to LA), where she participated in various series, films, and commercials as an actress, earning her a coveted spot in the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA.

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Motivated by an urge to pursue nonfiction storytelling, Maddie opted to attend the highly-regarded Master of Science in Journalism program at USC.

At Annenberg, Maddie excelled. She worked as a multimedia journalist for the student-run news publication Annenberg Media. She single-handedly drew thousands of eyeballs to the digital magazine by producing high-quality video packages and self-hosted comedy news videos– several of which went viral on Facebook. She was personally responsible for the no. 1 farthest-reaching published video of the term with a video that reached over 400 thousand Facebook feeds. Overall, Maddie shot, wrote, edited, and produced 3 of the top 10 best-performing videos of the term.


Today, Maddie uses what she learned in her education to benefit the media presence for companies and publications, bringing with her a strong sense of commitment to the “human” side of journalism, marketing and creation. Looking ahead, Maddie hopes to find fresh ways to capture the slipping attention of users in today’s ever-evolving media landscape.